Monday, April 10, 2017

Game Focus :The Sun of Jharel Shines in 2-0 Opening Series Win over Royals

The Sun of Jharel (Cotton) whom I told you to watch out for (see:How the A's 2017 Starting Pitching Rotation is Shaping Up) radiated with extreme brightness with his 2-0 shutout win allowing 2 hits in 7 inning in Kansas City today, the bullpen supplied the final 2 Casilla in the 8th and Doolittle in the 9th to complete the 0'er
The offence was again led by Kush Davis who blasted a 2 run shot to right, bringing the A's record back to the 500 mark (4-4) to start this promising 2017 season
More sunny day are in the forecast when Sunny Boy return to the rotation, after the youngster get a little wet, LET OG OAKLAND

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