Friday, March 24, 2017

Follow The Best Oakland A's Stuff Collection

A's Fan there is a collection called The Best Oakland A's Stuff which is a collection of Stats, photos, articles links and more importantly an on the ground analysis from Scott Sportman, a fan with great knowledge about the team he grew up watching going all the way back to old days 
     Sportman is a first hand witness to the greatness of the championships teams of the 70's, the resurgence during the beginning of the 80's starting with the rotation of Mike Norris, Rick  Langford and John Henry Johnson; ultimately ending the 80's  with the likes of Dave Steward, Bob Welsh, Mike Moore and Storm Davis and more more championships
    Sportman was inspired by the work of +Leon Davis who is the writer of the +May 15th Prophecy to take his passion and love for his baseball team to put that in a collection and blog for other fans to share & enjoy in, and hopefully gain a little better perspective about this east bay team, coming from a true Oakland A's fan, 

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

How the A's 2017 Starting Pitching Rotation is Shaping Up

The A's rotation is shaping up this spring to present some very good surprises for the rest of the leagues here is why.
The #1 spot, with the lat injury to Sonny Gray, Kendall Gravamen will assume the top spot of the rotation, he is on the up-rise in young career, he is talented with a nasty sinker and will be competitive in that #1 spot
The #2 spot, is another young and very talented kid by the name of Sean Menana, like Gravemen he is on the upswing to a promising career, he has ample ability to make batters miss with his plus fastball, slider and change up,
The #3 spot, is the best of them all, which is a kid by the name of Jharel Cotton, so remember this name because before too long he will also be known as one of the best pitchers in all of baseball, a 24yrs with a awesome change up he going to make big waves real fast, you watch and see!           

The #4 and #5 spot, the bottom half of the A's rotation is where the A's can thrive or wallow, there are 3 pitchers here that are talented by have not put thing together for whatever reason (mainly injury) they are , Andrew Triggs, Raul Alcantara and  Jesse Hahn. 
 That how the top 5 spots will go to begin the season (barring trade or injury) until the heath of Sonny Gray, Daniel Mengden,Chris Bassitt and hot prospect Daniel Gossett which may change thing later in the year

***** 3/26/17 UPDATE *****
The A's optioned Jesse Hahn to Triple-A on Sunday morning, leaving Andrew Triggs and Raul Alcantara to fill out their Opening Day rotation.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Oakland A's 1st Blog Post

I just started my 1st blog about my favorite baseball team which is the Oakland A's, I go all the way back to those 70's team I remember watching with my family (mainly my mother a brother) and holding hand as we would wish for one of their famous comebacks.

I remember captain Sal Bando, Joe Rudi, Bill North, Dick Green and all the others, I' am now very excited about the upcoming 2017 season because I think we are going to see new stars being born in Jharel Cotton, Ryan Healy, Sean Manaea, Ryan Dull and so many others 

Again this is my 1st blog so I'll keep this post short and look for ways to improve this blog while it still under construction, lastly I want to thank +Leon Davis for being a inspiration to me in making this blog with the great work he does at May 15th Prophecy and LastDayWatchers 

 Here is the schedule for the upcoming April games when the real fun starts 

Sun, Apr 30, 2017
@ Astros 11:10 AM