Friday, March 24, 2017

Follow The Best Oakland A's Stuff Collection

A's Fan there is a collection called The Best Oakland A's Stuff which is a collection of Stats, photos, articles links and more importantly an on the ground analysis from Scott Sportman, a fan with great knowledge about the team he grew up watching going all the way back to old days 
     Sportman is a first hand witness to the greatness of the championships teams of the 70's, the resurgence during the beginning of the 80's starting with the rotation of Mike Norris, Rick  Langford and John Henry Johnson; ultimately ending the 80's  with the likes of Dave Steward, Bob Welsh, Mike Moore and Storm Davis and more more championships
    Sportman was inspired by the work of +Leon Davis who is the writer of the +May 15th Prophecy to take his passion and love for his baseball team to put that in a collection and blog for other fans to share & enjoy in, and hopefully gain a little better perspective about this east bay team, coming from a true Oakland A's fan, 

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